Hi Anna & Susan

First, it was great meeting you both yesterday.  I had no idea what to expect in terms of the process and your approach.  I was so happy to meet such warm and caring ladies who had such a hands on approach.  It was exactly what I needed to get that room in shape. 

Our family is beyond thrilled by the results.   I am actually writing to you from the office at the moment, and honestly still can’t believe that it is the same room.  It is now a room that I am excited to decorate and use.  My husband and son were both amazed by the results as well. 

My son was pretty funny. As I told you, he was hoping that we were going to tackle the boxes in the playroom (even though I explained that we weren’t), so after he saw the office, he said, can those ladies please come back and FINALLY empty my hockey room.  Fortunately, he did notice the couple of feet that we gave him and was happy about that :). 

My husband was very impressed and amazed with all that was accomplished in 3 hours.  It's suffice to say that we are all very happy to have our office back and to have gotten rid of so many things. This was definitely a stepping stone for both my husband and me since now we can start getting ourselves more organized.  We have files and office type things in other drawers and will begin to move things around a little.  We are also motivated to get the laundry room set up and don’t see it as such a daunting task anymore. 

Again, thanks for everything!  What a great prize I won :)

All the best with your business!  I am sure it will be a success!  

Natalie D. - L'Île-Perrot

Anna Castelli and Susan Rotter, owners of make Space for Life, were referred to me by a friend as accomplished professional organizers and move managers.  With their skillful efficient approach they took charge.  In three short weeks they completed my daunting move from an eight room house which was chockfull of books, CDs, art work, oriental rugs, photographic equipment, etc., etc., to a single room in a residence for seniors.  Thanks to their friendly, responsible attitude my major downsizing and move on very short notice went smoothly and quickly.  I was very impressed with their diligence and ingenuity.  Without any hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend their services.  Thank you Anna and Susan. 

Mary  – Westmount,  moved to Manoir Westmount

Susan and Anna came to my place to organize and get my place ready for a sale, and thereafter pack and downsize the enormous amount of books, and collectibles.

They protected my precious items and nothing broke. It was an enormous challenge.  They saved my life, and I couldn’t have moved without their help. They were reliable, energetic, incredibly good natured and efficient.  Nothing daunted them.

I highly recommend them for any organizing or moving tasks.

N.P. – Westmount

The organization Make Space for Life was a great help to my family.

Packing up a large home after 25 years was daunting to say the least.  I am so happy we were introduced to Anna and Susan who stepped up to the task and approached it with confidence, focus and terrific organizational skills. 

Always cheerful and encouraging, they calmed and supported us through it all.  I highly recommend their services.

B.G. – Montreal West

Pour votre déménagement, je recommande fortement les pros de l’emballage, Susan et Anna. Aucun souci vous aurez.  Tout est fait dans les règles de l’art, avec efficacité et en toute sécurité.  J’ai été enchantée de leur travail.

Raymonde B.  – Lachine